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Virtual Gift Cards Have Arrived.

These days, it’s critical to stretch your dollar even further. With Virtual Gift Cards, you can do just that!

Go ahead and shop, dine, or travel with the Virtual Gift Card platform, which allows you to purchase digital gift cards with added bonus value for your family & friends. Choose from well-known national brands, including Amazon, Starbucks, Dominos, Nordstrom, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and many more!


Benefits & Features

Increased Value

By choosing to purchase gift cards, you can receive bonus values of up to 20%. This means that for every $100 spent, the recipient could get an additional $20 to spend at their favorite brands.

Wide Range of Brands

Hundreds of brands are available, ranging across retail, travel, dining, and more. This provides you with a diverse selection of gift card options to choose from.

Personalized Offers

With customized offers, you can save money on the brands you already love. Not sure what to buy? You can gift a value amount and allow the recipient to choose which gift card they want.

Tailored for You

The platform allows customers to view up to 50 different customized gift card offers at a time. This ensures a fully tailored experience that meets the unique needs of each customer.


Gift cards are automatically sent to an email address with a claim code or barcode to make redemption a hassle-free process that can be done either in-store or online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Gift Cards are an exciting new way for you to get more bang for your buck! You can purchase and send Virtual Gift Cards from popular brands with added value.

Accessing Virtual Gift Cards through Online & Mobile Banking is super simple. Just log in and click the Gift Cards menu tab in Online Banking or the the Gift Cards option in the Mobile Banking drop-down ("burger") to start shopping for gift cards from your favorite retailers, restaurants, and more.

Typically gift cards cannot be canceled or exchanged. However, we suggest you reach out to for assistance.

We have an awesome selection of gift cards from local favorites (growing by the day!) and national brands. You'll find something for everyone.

You can choose a specific brand’s gift card, or you can send a preset amount of funds that allow the recipient to choose from a selection of brands themselves.

The bonus value falls between 5-20% on gift cards, so you can save a nice chunk of change on brands you were planning to shop at anyway!

No, there are no fees for purchasing a virtual gift card.

Absolutely. You can input your own contact details when creating a new contact to send the gift card to yourself.

These are digital cards, so you simply present the barcode on your phone while in-person at the checkout counter (or to your server, driver, etc.). Alternatively, you may also enter the claim code at checkout on any of the brand websites or apps that you’re shopping on.

Virtual Gift Cards are available to those with a checking or savings account and access to online banking.

Once a gift card is sent, there is no way to cancel the transaction. For assistance, please contact
On the Virtual Gift Cards screen, you can click the (+) to add a contact. Here, you can add a new contact by entering the recipient's name, email, and phone number, or you can choose to edit a current contact.
Brands are featured based on a variety of factors, including available inventory and current bonuses/discounts. If you don’t see a specific brand, we suggest sending credits and allowing the recipient to choose a brand themselves.
Recipients will always receive a notification via email. If you, as the sender, include their phone number as well, then they will receive both a text message and an email notification.
At this time, there is no way to resend a gift card. If the recipient is having issues with deliverability, please have them reach out to for assistance.
Yes. When on the Virtual Gift Cards screen, you can click the (+) to add a contact. Use the checkbox on the right to choose all the recipients you wish to gift. Once chosen, all recipients will receive the same type of gift that is chosen in the next step.
At this time, only the recipient receives an email with access to the gift card. There is a confirmation on the Virtual Gift Card platform that shows the gift card as sent.
After an order is made, the gift card purchase will show as a bank transfer line item in your account activity: Transfer from 4585 to 6457 Gift sent with Prizeout (Req:7b84)
You can purchase up to $1,000 worth of combined gifting products and gift cards in any one day.
No, they do not expire.
You can purchase a gift card using all eligible checking and savings accounts.
No, the cards cannot be gifted or used internationally.
Only send gift cards to people you know! Be sure you have the complete, accurate email and cell phone number. Gift card purchases cannot be cancelled or reversed.
Check your notifications from Prizeout. Search for emails from or text messages from 855-779-1691.